Tuesday, March 3, 2015

There is no Fear Like the Fear of Submitting... If You are a Writer.

People always ask me how I find the time to write. I always wonder about that question. I know it is cliche, but writing is like breathing to me. If I couldn't do it, I would be tremendously saddened. It has become a part of me. My answer is always, "It's because it is what I love."

I am sure you have been on the negative end of someone criticizing your work. Or opened that letter that said we appreciate you submitting, but your work is not what we are looking for. These used to devastate me when I first made the decision to submit. I have to admit they still are no picnic to get, but I have moved forward. I think about each new rejection as an incentive to submit somewhere else. And really that's all they are. It just means your work wasn't right for them. I doesn't necessary reflect badly on your writing. Your piece just wasn't looked at by someone who connected with it. The rejection doesn't mean that the next submission is going to reject you too.

I remember when I first started writing every negative comment threw me for a loop. My husband would always say, "Dear you are going to have to get thicker skin." And he was right. I had to look at the negative as a way to move forward.

I have met many writers on my literary road who don't submit their work for fear of being rejected. I guess I never even considered this. I am writing to help someone. My stories are ones I hope will bring encouragement to the reader. The thought of no one seeing my story depresses me. After all, if I don't submit my writing how do I expect to get my work out there. Isn't that the real reason we all are creating this crazy, wonderful art.

I wrote this post to encourage other writers. I encourage you to get into a good writers group. My hope is that you don't just let your material sit on our computer hidden from the world. Take a chance. After all your first publication may be just a click away. And today it is so much easier to get your work into a publisher's hands. You don't even have to met them face to face. So what are you waiting for. Get out there.

Do you have a submitting story to share, good or bad? We would like to hear about it. Let me know what you think and good luck submitting. 

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